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Clix Ball Large 8″ 200mm Review

The best way to keep our pets from running around the house, playing in the restricted areas of our house and most importantly keep them from tearing our sheets or curtains, is by giving them something that they can play with. Give them a Clix Ball and your pet will be so happy and surely will adore you more. Plus giving your dog this ball, and letting him (or her) play outside, is a great form of exercise.

Product Features

  • Dimensions:  8 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Blue, Red

Product Performance

The Clix Ball is made of a near indestructible material designed for those dogs who have strong jaws and love to chase and conquer the ball. This type of material will not be easily ripped and can take a hefty amount of prolonged and aggressive play.


The 1Pk Clix Ball is a very enjoyable toy for your pet dog. It is super tough that your dog can play with it for long periods of time. It designed to be chased not to be picked up, so, while playing your dog can have a good exercise at the same time. It is made of a very strong material that it will not tear easily. You can get this toy over at Amazon.com.

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